FACE-OFF! Portraits of ALL kinds! This summer we are running a kids camp in Oakville and Hamilton locations, and portraits is the theme! The camps are also connected to our Annual Children's Juried Show, where we invite all kids age 6-13 to submit their artwork for our September exhibition. Rules and guidelines to be announced soon, so stay tuned! The easiest way is to follow us on FaceBook.

For information about the winter 2017 Headwaters Advanced Art Program, click here. 

The Semaphore Fellowship believes that artistic talent needs training, encouragement and community integration to flourish. Artists do have innate gifting, but it needs to be recognized, encouraged and given challenges to be developed. It does not just happen in a vacuum. Nor does artistic expression just take shape without concepts or subjects to interpret and give expression to. It needs world views and values to shape the direction of imagination and of course creativity needs problems to solve.

Artistic expression and artists themselves need communities to grow up in.

Semaphore was created to play a vital role in this process. Our goal is to develop a vertically integrated curriculum that can take a child all the way to a professional career as an artist, all grounded in a Christian perspective. A full third of all the members of Flagship are either seasoned art educators, or educators in training at the university level.

Here then are the 4 levels of work we are doing, some of which are still in development.

FIREFLEYES - Ages 6 to 13

Click here for information about our Children's classes. 

HEADWATERS - Grades 9 to 12

Click here for information about our Teen Juried Art Show: I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE.

We also run Headwaters classes in Oakville. You can email if you are interested in joining us! 

APERTURES - to support those in College or University, and

FORERUNNER - International work with adults within churches.