Elizabeth Culham


Elizabeth Culham


Elizabeth Culham is an artist from Mississauga, Ontario. She is a Visual Arts Major at Redeemer University and is entering the Concurrent Education program to pursue her dream of teaching art.  Elizabeth loves creating art, and has been drawing since she was 6 months old. She was involved in many art programs throughout her early school years, connecting to the art world through the Semaphor Institute, founded by mentor James Tughan. During her high school years she explored the world of theatre arts and won the Kathy Feenstra Memorial Art Award for her artwork for All Kinds of Wonderful a drama production under the guidance of ELizabeth Henstock.

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Elizabeth explores the world through her artistic endeavors, and views art as a true expression of the self. She finds her inspiration in everything around her and strives to create beautiful, relatable images, laced with powerful metaphor.

Art has always been the cornerstone that I have built my life around. Speaking through artistic mediums allows me to express feelings, statements and even pose questions to my viewing audience. When I was younger, art was more of a selfish pursuit, something I did for myself. However, as I have matured, I realize that art can be created for others as well. When I create art, I look to inspire hope, bringing light into the darkness that is modern life. Art to me is not just about creating an image. It is a release, a realization, and a story.