James Tughan


James Tughan


Drawing And The Mapping Of Ideas

James Tughan, in his own visual work as one of the world’s foremost pastel artists, his “Cartographic Realism” is a marriage of aerial visual mapping, natural symbolism, and a Christian theology of the person.  This style of imagery respectfully draws metaphors for the seen and unseen world of spirit from the natural surface topography of the visual subject matter itself. It exploits amazing detail and surface patterning, texture, colour, lighting and narrative possibilities.  This style infers that there is more to see than immediately meets the eye that is suggested by mapping, the mapping of ideas.

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His work has been commissioned by major corporations throughout North America and such magazines as Rolling Stone, Esquire, Saturday Night and House & Garden.  James currently is on the faculty of Redeemer University College (Ancaster), and Tyndale Seminary and University (Toronto) and has served on faculty of Sheridan University Institute, Oakville, Kings Christian Collegiate, Oakville, and The Kingsbridge School Of The Arts, Burlington. He is a founding member, and the international executive director of the Semaphore Fellowship.

“The extraordinary drawings of Oakville artist James Tughan can be appreciated by everyone, from the most sophisticated aesthete to those with less experience with visual art. The subtlety of design and sumptuous execution seduces the eye and then dignifies the mind. His artwork elevates both  his subject matter most importantly its viewer.”
(David Saltmarche, See Spot Run, Toronto)