Jennifer Goss


Jennifer Goss


Jennifer Goss, born in the United States, now resides in Strasbourg France. She is principally a painter and activist in the therapeutic use of art in Africa, The Middle East and other places. She has in recent years concentrated her interventions and artwork on the impact of trauma on women, many of whom have been caught in the crossfire of war and other myriad abuses.

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Jennifer has played a most significant role in mentoring artists in a cross cultural setting and a leadership role in helping faith based organizations engage these issues in an intelligent and compassionate way. But first of all she is a great painter.  Jennifer’s work has a sense of mystery, wonder, and beauty. Drawing from past experiences, memories and emotional connections, she uses compositional techniques and colour choices to re-interpret empathetic responses to life’s transitions. 

She feels that in vulnerability and brokenness, we are able to see His fingerprints in our lives and an unlocking of the mystery of our intrinsic beauty.