Lisa Smouter


Lisa Smouter


Lisa (nee Vanderwoude) grew up in Burlington, where she met her now husband all the way back in Grade One. She studied Studio Art and Performance Music at Redeemer University College (2005) and early on began establishing her career in the arts. Her studio in Aldershot became a busy place of creativity and hard work, with students coming for piano and art lessons, and clients coming to pick up their commissioned artwork.  In 2007, Lisa married Arie Smouter and moved to Hamilton. She is now the mother of two (soon to be three!), which has largely relegated art-making to naptimes and evenings. The call of the easel may be secondary to the call of a lovely family, but it still manages to clock quite a few hours.

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Butter. I’ve loved it since I was a little kid. So when one of my art professors said oil painting was like “painting with butter”, I thought I would love it just for the mere association. Now, after years of working with it, oil paint is truly my favourite medium to work in. I also work with acrylic, chalk pastel, charcoal and pencil, and usually in a realist style.

The longer I paint, the more I realize how much more there is to learn. With each new project I am logging hours towards a better understanding of design, in the hopes of improving my ability to communicate a visually powerful and content-rich piece. It is my hope that you will find an immediate emotional connection to a piece, which will mysteriously unfold and develop into a rich story as you spend more time with it. In my experience, it has been extremely rewarding when I hear that this goal has been achieved!