Please call ahead to ensure that the gallery is open. We are typically open these hours:

Wednesday to Saturday: 12 - 5 PM
Crawl Nights (Second Friday of each Month) 12 to 11ish PM
(Sunday to Tuesday CLOSED)


237 James Street North, Hamilton, ON


Visit us for our regular events including Art Crawl, or the Songcrafters Circle with Peter Tigchelaar.

Flagship also hosts Juried Art Shows for children, teens and adults. 


Four years ago marked the beginning of a dream for a group of Christian visual artists, which is now being realized in the heart of the Art Crawl on James North.

#237 and is our new home, The Flagship Gallery.  This 1400 sq.ft. display space is quickly shaping up to be one of the most beautiful galleries in Hamilton, situated in the very middle of the gallery community on the western sunny side of the street. We are surrounded by Portuguese shop keepers, cafes, soldiers from the armory and of course other artists and galleries.

The artists in our gallery, are all deeply committed to excellence in visual practice and the very calling of being artists.  We are a cooperative which means we have joined our collective talents to administer our own affairs and market our own work. Within our ranks are a large number of educators, seasoned professionals and many emerging talents. When you visit us you will be amazed at the level work displayed on our walls in a large variety of media.


Body Column 2

It will also become apparent that what you are looking at is a diverse set of artistic styles; what we like to call languages, in which each artist has found a different way to get at the truth. Sometimes that means honouring the beauty of creation.  Sometimes it will disturb because it will mean protesting how that creation has been corrupted and abused. Sometimes it will mean cradling the wounded hearts that come from that and giving them a voice.  But whatever we artists are called to,  it will mean being truth tellers.

Our opening show Voyages Into Imagination will showcase the role of our artists to draw viewers into those diverse stories in very different and creative ways.  Having said that,  many things will not be immediately obvious.  The perspective on life that that we hold and the community of faith we represent will take more time to be known.  Good art and truth-telling,  tend to communicate more effectively  with subtlety (or shock) and quiet authenticity over longer periods of time.  The quality of the work will I believe be immediately apparent but the place that comes from will take longer.

It will then also not be immediately obvious that our gallery is a visible street front for a less visible 10 year history of arts education and mentoring. Our gallery is really an extension of an international group called The Semaphore Fellowship, a group anchored in the Christian faith community and its allegiance to the original artist, Jesus. Our group was created to help restore artists to that founding community.  

But for now we celebrate God’s provision for us at 237, which for us, is home.