Heidi Brannan


Heidi Brannan


Italian born Canadian sculptor Heidi Antonia Brannan brings together carved stone and hand cast art glass to tell the story of an inner journey. The weight of stone and the fragility of glass join in the dance of emotion and longing, finding in their embrace a tender beauty and a bold declaration of enduring grace.  Her work, including the two dimensional has always had a sculptural feel. Over the last 25 years she has expressed herself through sculpting, stained glass, fabric art, silk painting, drawing and oils.

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Stone and glass with their common origin have become Heidi’s key focus without restricting her to the three dimensional world. Content can become more literal and somewhat less mysterious as we see feathers, leaves, and poetry illuminated and gracing our walls in a functional form of sculpture. Many of her works can be seen as a glimpse through a window into a “processing room”. In this place the mapping of emotions through simple, yet strong use of line, gestural movement, light and textures allows the heart to be revealed. It is a form of visual journaling.