1 Firefleyes


1 Firefleyes


 Firefleyes art classes have been held with over 300 children, ages 6 to13 in  fall, winter and spring semester units, summer art camps and individual tutoring in many locations including schools, churches, and people`s homes. Classes have been held over the last several years in Georgetown, Mississauga, Oakville, Waterdown, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Etobicoke and Orangeville. Emphasis is on basic drawing and design applied to the experiencing of most media forms, always with a term long project in view, usually involving metaphor and always with purpose of having fun.

For more information on current classes, please email education(at)semaphore.ca

Below is a list of the courses we have developed for kids thus far, broken into 3 levels of difficulty.


Course Body Column 2


FF1 Treeplanters
Basic Drawing and Folios

FF2 Freeliners
Drawing and Abstracts

FF3 Skywalkers
Basic Sculpture and Design

FF4 Lightweavers
Basic Painting and Design

FF5 Freefloaters
Basic Collage and Design


FF6 Samureyes
Drawing People

FF7 Highliners
Drawing and Ink cartooning

FF8 Gamebuilders
Sculpture and game design

FF9 Shadowboxers
Bas Relief and Acrylic Painting  

FF10 Dragonfliers
Basic Photography and design


FF11 Topographers
Drawing Light and Shade

FF12  Spacecommmanders
Drawing landscape and perspective

FF13 Shapeshifters
Sculpture and Ark design

FF14 Waterwonders
Landscape and watercolour

FF15 Maskmakers
Mixed Media and Design

NEW IN 2013

FF16 Storyboarders 1
Basic pen and ink cartooning

FF17 Storyboarders 2
Comic Strip cartooning

FF18 Storyboarders 3
Colour Bas relief in plastiscene and FIMO

Abstraction and Portraits in Plasticene