2 Headwaters


2 Headwaters


 This is an independent studies program for artistically gifted adolescents in grades 9-12 + OAC. Our goal is to provide a modest support system of mentoring in skills development, folio preparation, career counseling, and peer friendships as young people consider post secondary education, and professional work as artists. We meet at my home studio on Monday nights (Oakville) and at the Flagship gallery (Hamilton) to work on individual art projects. We visit galleries, and other professionals working in a variety of visual career choices. We study various related issues that pertain to the work of artists, as seen from a Christian world view. We are also available to parents, art teachers and guidance counselors to help them help their young people make wise choices that affirm their dignity and range of callings in the arts.

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Course Body Column 2

This year in our discussions and field trips focus on drawing skills, sketchbooks and field drawing particularily. This will include techniques for developing ideas in drawing in a quick gestural style of thumbnails.

1. How we choose to see (FALL),
2. Who we choose to listen to (WINTER), and
3. How we choose to dream. (SPRING)

Each section will involve readings, field trips, guest artists and special films, in addition to the usual focus on independent projects. (see attached notes on the direction, subject to change , that we are headed in this year)
For more info contact James: 905 582 8197  or  education@semaphore.ca